Yohey Arakawa
Professor of Modern Japanese, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

最新情報 (What's New?)
別館ブログ (Annex at Google Blogger) updated

基本情報 (Biographical Materials)
経歴 (Brief Biography)
◇学歴 (Education)

業績 (Print and Electronic Publications)
◇著書・論文・学会発表(Books and Monographs) updated
◇辞書・教材(Dictionaries and Teaching Materials)
◇新聞雑誌記事 (Newspaper/Magazine Articles)
◇その他の著作 (Non-academic Publications)

学内外の活動(Professional Activities)
◇学内活動 (Services to University)
◇学外活動 (Professional Activities out of TUFS)
◇著作解題 (Annotation of My Own Works)

◇完全無料・ビデオで学べる日本語教師養成講座 (Open Educational Resources for TJSOL Teachers)

last modified on August 12, 2014