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- 2017.10.20 -


    *現在のMIX CD最新ボリュームは0.26となっております。
*なお、\10,000以上お買い上げ 時の送料無料サービスも引き続き行っております。    
    ANDREW BOX AND THE SHAMES Han E' En Officer / Kom Hit / Såna Görs Inte Mer (H.B.) / Wicked
                                    / Vi Vet Var Ni Bor / Ge Mig En Pilsnerfilm
    ARMS AND LEGS Janie / She'll surprise you
    ARROGANCE Southside Girl / Where Are You
    CHAOS Guitar man / Dance dance dance
    DENNY WARD When I Get Home / Show Me
    FLIRT Don't Push Me / Degenerator
    JET STAXX I'm gonna be the best guy / You'll get the chop
    NEWS Blue thru / I will survive
    NICK GILDER Hot child in the city / Backstreet noise
    ONLOOKERS You and I / Understand / Julia
    PAUL WARREN & EXPLORER Takin' Her Back / Town Without Pity
    PURPLE HEARTS Millions like us / Beat that
    RADIATORS FROM SPACE Enemies / Psychotic reaction
    RIKKI AND THE CUFFLINKS Nervous breakdown / Steamin' on
    RIVALS Here comes the night / Both sides
    SHAPES Wot's for lunch mum ? / College girls / Batman / Chatterboks

- 2017.10.13 -


    *現在のMIX CD最新ボリュームは0.26となっております。
*なお、\10,000以上お買い上げ 時の送料無料サービスも引き続き行っております。    
    ALIENS Follow That Girl / The Hyding Of Dr Jeckyl
    BERNIE TORME BAND Weekend / Secret service / All night / Instant impact
    BILBO She's gonna win / You wanna be your lover
    BODENS FÄSTNING Människor Av Plast / Så Får Det Förbli
    DUCKS DELUXE I fought the law / Cherry pie
    FRESHIES Oh girl / No money
    FRESHIES Yellow spot / If its news
    JAMES BOYS Keep Moving / Sally Don't You Run
    MUGSHOTS Shy / Don't understand
    PENCILS Watching the tears / You say you
    POLLY BROWNE I'll Never Be The Same / Stop And Start
    POLLY BROWNE Bewitched / Writing You A Letter
    POLLY BROWNE Precious to me / Never dared to love
    RICK TUBBAX AND THE TAXI'S Breaking up / White girls
    SPIES Thinking About The Sun / Hippy Hangover
    STIV BATORS It's cold outside / The last year
    STRAIGHT EIGHT Heartbreaker / I Idolise You

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