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- 2020.02.14 -


    *現在のMIX CD最新ボリュームは0.26となっております。
*なお、\10,000以上お買い上げ 時の送料無料サービスも引き続き行っております。                                                     021 The pop song / Aversion
    10 PAST 7 Cracking up / Eileen
    20/20 Giving it all / Under the freeway
    NATASHA & THE DELITES Breakin' Down The Walls Of Heartache / Please Come Home
    TEDDY GIRLS Come Back To Me / Memories Of Fifty Five
    TEENS Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Your Love / Rollerball
    TEENS We'll have a party tonite 'nite / Funny money honey
    THIEVES LIKE US For the rest of your life / Murder in New York / Touch your love
    TIGHTS Howard hughes / China's eternal
    TONIGHT Drummer man / Stroll on by
    TONIGHT Money that's your probrem / No sympathy
    U.S. SCOOTERS Someone Tonight / Drive Away
    UNCHARTABLES Yuppie love / The lumber inn
    V.I.P.'S The quarter moon / Hippy hippy shake
    VIBRATORS We vibrate / Whips and furs
    VIPERS I've got you / No such thing
    VIRGIN Here comes my baby / Get out of my car
    WASHINGTON FLYERS Another Saturday Morning / The Comets Are Coming
    WELTONS Sweet rock'n' roller / Too much champagne
    YACHTS I.O.U. / 24 hours from tulsa
    ZIPPERS He's a rebel / You're so strange

   ■新入荷 - 2020.02.07 -


    *現在のMIX CD最新ボリュームは0.26となっております。
*なお、\10,000以上お買い上げ 時の送料無料サービスも引き続き行っております。                                                     021 The pop song / Aversion
    DOOLEYS Flavour of the month / Can't dance
    DORIS D AND THE PINS Starting at the end / If only
    NAMES Why can't it be / Baby you're a fool
    NAUGHTY THOUGHTS All Or Nothing / Weekdays
    NAUTYCULTURE Someday Sunday / T.B.A.
    NEIGHBORHOODS No place like home / Pretty girl
    NERVE I'll give you up / Lifting me higher
    NEW HEARTS Plain Jane / My young teacher
    NOICE Allting Okey / Bedårande Barn Av Sin Tid
    NOTSENSIBLES I am the bishop / The telephone rings again
    ONLOOKERS You and I / Understand / Julia
    PARANOIDS Stupid guy / Road to ruin
    PARK AVENUE Looking for no.1 / Perfumed bore
    PARKAS POP Semester I Polen / Jag Har Fått Nog
    PAUL WARREN & EXPLORER Takin' Her Back / Town Without Pity
    PEARLS Guilty / I'll say it over again
    PIN-UPS Wild in the streets / That's how love
    POINTED STICKS Out of luck / What do you want me to do? / Somebody's mom
    PRAETORS Pink / Across the corner
    PRINCES OF PEACE X-ray proved / Nothing you got
    RODS Do anything you wanna do / Schoolgirl love
    RUBINOOS I wanna be your boyfriend / Gorilla
    SYLVERS Hot line / Aint no good
    TEACH IN My rock and roll song / Our Story

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