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- 2020.10.24 -


    *現在のMIX CD最新ボリュームは0.26となっております。
*なお、\10,000以上お買い上げ 時の送料無料サービスも引き続き行っております。                    
    ANY TROUBLE Yesterday's love / Nice girls
    APRIL LOVE Switchboard / Jerry hall
    APRIL SOUTH Heroes Of The Night / The Boys Are Out To Get Me
    AUTOGRAPHS While I'm still young / Fabulous
    B.A. ROBERTSON Sucker For Your Love / Man Or A Mouse
    BILL NELSON'S RED NOISE Revolt Into Style / Out Of Touch
    CHICAYNES Further thoughts / Cry a little
    CHORDS Now it's gone / Don't go back
    CHRIS SQUELCH Lonely nights / Wherever you are
    CURE In Between Days / The Exploding Boy
    DOLL Don't tango on my heart / Trash
    DRIVE Jerkin / Push 'N' Shove
    EATER Outside view / You
    ELECTRIC CHAIRS Stuck on you / Paranoia paradise / The last time
    ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA The Way Life's Meant To Be / Wishing
    ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Confusion / Last Train To London
    ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Calling America / Caught in a trap
    EMOTIONS I Should Be Dancing / My Baby Dance
    EXCEL What went wrong? / Junita
    GIRL TALK Falling for you / Falling for you (Instrumental)
    HOLLY AND THE ITALIANS Tell that girl to shut up / Chapel of love
    JET My River / Quandry
    KIMBERLEY REW Stomping all over the world / Nothing's going to change in your life
               / Fighting someone's war   
    MARTIN JAY 1 - 2 - 3 / It's Alright Every Saturday Night
    MARTIN RUSHENT Give it all you got / Why bother to fight
    MONOCHROME SET The monochrome set / Mr.Bizarro
    NEGATIVES Electric waltz / Money talk
    NEON HEARTS Venus eccentric / Regulations
    NEON HEARTS Answers / Hideaway
    NIGHTSHIFT Dance in the moonlight / Don't rush the good things
    PLEASERS You know what I'm thinking girl / Hello little girl
    PRIVATE DICKS She said go / Private dicks
    RICK JAMES Big Time / Island Lady
    RONNIE MAYOR Can't wait 'till the summer comes / Holiday theme
    RUDI When I was dead / Bewerewolf ! / The pressure's on
    RUTS Babylon's Burning / Society
    SCARLET PARTY 101-dam nations / What is this thing
    SILKY Dreamtrain / My Heart Is Burning
    SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Playground twist / Pull to bits
    SLIME Controversial / Loony
    SLITS Animal space / Animal spacier
    SMITHS William, it was really nothing / Please please please let me get what i want
    STIFF LITTLE FINGERS Gotta getta way / Bloody sunday
    STIFF LITTLE FINGERS Suspect device / Wasted life
    TRACEY ULLMAN They don't know / The B side

   ■新入荷 - 2020.10.16 -


    *現在のMIX CD最新ボリュームは0.26となっております。
*なお、\10,000以上お買い上げ 時の送料無料サービスも引き続き行っております。                    
    BRAM TCHAIKOVSKY Let's Dance / Rock And Roll Cabaret
    BUNNY Baby you're getting to me / Come out with me
    CHARLIE FAWN Always something there to remind me / Poet for a generation
    CHORDS Maybe tomorrow / I don't wanna know / Hey girl
    CRACK Don't you ever let me down / I can't take it
    DAVID JOHANSEN Melody / Wreckless Crazy
    DOLPHIN Street Angel / Rocking In The Rain
    DONKEYS What I want / Four letters
    DONKEYS No way / You Jane
    DONKEYS Don't go / Living legends
    DWIGHT TWILLEY I Wanna Make Love To You / Nothing's Ever Gonna Change So Fast
    EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS Quit This Town / Distortion May Be Expected
    EXPRESSOS Hey girl / Baby be bad to me
    FRIENDS Gonna Have A Good Time / Would You Laugh
    HEARTBEATS Talk to me / Don't want romance
    HELEN SCHNEIDER Stay Awhile / Hearts Of Stone
    HELLO Star Studded Sham / Jenny Dream
    HILLY MICHAELS Calling All Girls / Something On Your Mind
    JAY ALANSKI Une Aventure Avec Toi / Dandy
    JEFF HILL I want you to dance with me / Feel like loving you
    JOSIE COTTON Johnny are you queer ? / Let's do the blackout
    K.K. BLACK California sun / Shakin' it down
    KENNY Red headed lady / Alone together
    KENNY Hot lips / Bangin' my head against a brick wall
    MEMBERS The sound of the suburbs / Handling the big jets
    NOW Can you fix me up with her / I wanna go steady with you
    PAGLIARO Lovin' You Ain't Easy / She Moves Light
    PHIL SEYMOUR Surrender / Better to me than you
    PHOTOS Friends / Je T'Aime
    PINBALL Susan / Rainbow
    PRAETORS Lipstick / Waiting for the break
    RAMONES Rock'n'roll high school / Danny says
    RECORDS Starry eyes / Paint her face
    RICH KIDS Ghosts Of Princes In Towers / Only Arsenic
    RICH KIDS Rich Kids / Empty words
    RIKKI Neon Café / Alptraum
    RUBINOOS I wanna be your boyfriend / Gorilla
    SIMON TEDD What in the world / Lately
    STIFFS Inside out / Kids on the street
    TAXI Step In The Right Direction / It's A Shame

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