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- 2018.07.20 -


    *現在のMIX CD最新ボリュームは0.26となっております。
*なお、\10,000以上お買い上げ 時の送料無料サービスも引き続き行っております。    
    ACTION Radio music / Please,oh please
    DAVID DAVELAAR Play The Big Time / Diana
    DUGITES Waiting / Who Loves You More
    FANCY I Saw Linda Yesterday / Help Me Rhonda
    HIERONYMUS BOSCH Rockin' rachmaninov / Plaster of Paris
    JEFF HILL I want you to dance with me / Feel like loving you
    JOSIE COTTON Johnny are you queer ? / Let's do the blackout
    KIRSTY MACCOLL They don't know / Motor on
    LIMITS What you do / Run for you
    NUMBERS Stand Up And Shout / Trigger Fingers
    RADIATORS FROM SPACE Television screen / Love detective
    RIMSHOTS I was wrong / Stuck in a boat
    SCROUNGER Parisian Cafe Blue / Telephone Song
    SCRUFFS Teenage girls / Shakin'
    SLOWBONE THE WONDERBOYS Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen / Tales Of A Crooked Man
    SQUARES 999 Names Of Love / Standing There Too
    SWEAT Why'd ya have to lie / Hey little girl
    YOUNG ONES Rock'n'roll radio / Little bit of loving
- 2018.07.13 -


    *現在のMIX CD最新ボリュームは0.26となっております。
*なお、\10,000以上お買い上げ 時の送料無料サービスも引き続き行っております。    
    BARONS Beautiful girl / I won't find again
    CITY ROUSERS Do The Hoky Poky / Doe De Hoky Poky
    HE SHE HIM Try A Little Tenderness / Starry Eyed And Laughing
    HI-FI It's Almost Christmas / Winter Wonderland
    JOSEF K It's kinda funny / Final request
    KAMIKAZE SEX PILOTS Dark night of the soul / The red Indian song
    KRIS Okay / Trouble with the law
    MARSHALL CRENSHAW Someday, Someway / You're my favourite waste of time
    MONKS I ain't getting' any / Inter-city kitty
    ROCK ISLAND Lookout / You Take My Breath Away
    RORY MOON AND THE SILVER STARS Little wondering why / See her now
    SMALL ADS H.P.man / Radio love
    STEP Love Letter / Land Of A Thousand Dances / Knock On Wood
    TIMES Rockin' Times / Rock And Roll Physician
    WALTER LUCAS Lifegard / Like you
    WHITE HEAT Nervous breakdown / Sammy sez

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