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- 2018.09.14 -


    *現在のMIX CD最新ボリュームは0.26となっております。
*なお、\10,000以上お買い上げ 時の送料無料サービスも引き続き行っております。    
    APRIL SOUTH Heroes Of The Night / The Boys Are Out To Get Me
    APRIL SOUTH The Chains That Bind Me / You Want To Rock
    DEALERS Don't touch that dial / Tracey
    ERIC GAVIN Lucinda / My automobile
    GENEVA Two minutes thirty / Geneva street
    GENTS Shout / The faker
    HEADBOYS Something's happening / Writing on the wall
    HEY YOU Hey you / Black and white in cocour
    IAN MATTHEWS She May Call You Up Tonight / See Me
    JEFF HILL I want you to dance with me / Feel like loving you
    JET BRONX AND THE FORBIDDEN Ain't doin' nothin' / I can't stand it
    JET STAXX I'm gonna be the best guy / You'll get the chop
    KEYS Runaway / It ain't love
    KILLERMETERS Twisted wheel / SX 225
    KIRSTY MACCOLL They don't know / Motor on
    LAMBRETTAS D-a-a-ance / Feel the beat
    LOCAL OPERATOR Pressure zone / Untouchables
    M.K.T. C'est L'amour / Let Me Be Your Superman
    REVOLVER Some Other Guy / I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You
    SQUARES Goodbye My Love / lay Me Down Easy
    STAA MARX Crazy weekend / Pleasant valley Sunday
    STROKERS Gettin' Nowhere / It Ain't Me

   ■新入荷 - 2018.09.08 -


    *現在のMIX CD最新ボリュームは0.26となっております。
*なお、\10,000以上お買い上げ 時の送料無料サービスも引き続き行っております。    
    CAVERN No reason to cry / Cry for you / Won't let you go
    CIRCLES Opening up / Billy
    CLOUT Portable radio / Gonna get it to you
    FREEZE Paranoia / For J.P.S / Psychodalek nightmares
    HE SHE HIM Try A Little Tenderness / Starry Eyed And Laughing
    KELVIN BLACKLOCK I Don't Want Our Loving To Die / Always The Loser
    KENJI SAWADA Rock'n'Roll child / You're my life
    MABEL Twist little sister / Mr. Moo
    MELLERVANG Fodbold / Drømmen
    MKT Jeg Ved / Sammen Med Dig
    PAL A'R GWYLLIAD COCHION Gwrthryfela / Lwni Bin
    POP Down On The Boulevard / I Need You / Nobody's Toy
    SCARLET PARTY 101-dam nations / What is this thing
    SEMÁFORO Hoje Há Rock No Liceu / Quotidiano
    SHRAPNEL Combat love / Hey
    SNAPSHOT A La Carte / Dejligt Du Kom
    SNAPSHOT Gi'r Du Et Knus ? / Ud Af Køen
    SORROWS Christabelle / Street punk blues
    TITANICS I wanna complain / Lucky in love / Nights out

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